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Shraadh Puja
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According to the scriptures, Shradh Puja is an occasion to remember and pay respect to our ancestors.

It is believed that during this time our ancestors came down to bestow their blessings on us.


According to the scriptures, Shradh Puja is an occasion to remember and pay respect to our ancestors.

It is believed that during this time our ancestors came down to bestow their blessings on us.

There is a lot of recognition of Shradh worship in Hinduism. On these days people offer food, clothes and worship to their dead ancestors.

They also do tarpan, Brahmin feast and also offer something to the poor people. Today we are going to tell you the holy worship method of Shradh. 
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Method of Shradh Puja

The Shradh Puja ritual is performed by the eldest son of the family if possible.

The Shradh ritual is performed after they take a bath and wear a ring (Pavitra) made of "Kush". This Kush is mostly used to invoke the ancestors.

There is a method of offering barley flour, sesame, rice and shells for Pind Daan.
After completion of this method, Brahmins should give food, sweets, clothes and Dakshina according to their faith.

It is a belief that whatever is given to Brahmins reaches to our ancestors.
It is said that after the Brahmin feast, cows, crows, ants and dogs also have to be given food which our ancestors get.

Performing Shradh rituals removes negative energy and brings happiness in our family.

The Shradh customs purify every wrongdoing and help them rest in peace with their souls freed and to look for their favours. The Shradh puja is offered amid Pitru Paksha period amid the Krishna Paksha fortnight in the Ashwin month. As indicated by the epic Mahabharata, when Karna died, his spirit was sent to paradise.

- “ॐ अद्य श्रुतिस्मृतिपुराणोक्त सर्व सांसारिक सुख-समृद्धि प्राप्ति च वंश-वृद्धि हेतव देवऋषिमनुष्यपितृतर्पणम च अहं करिष्ये।।”

Here is the importance and why Shradh rites are performed:



1. Pitru-Loka, is the place where the souls of three preceding generations reside. It is a realm between heaven and earth. This realm is led by Yama, the god of death. Hindus believe that when a person from the next generation dies, the first generation is taken to heaven .

2. Another interesting story behind the importance of Shradh is from Mahabharata. After his death, Karna’s soul was taken to heaven where he was offered gold and jewels. But in heaven Karna wanted food to eat, he then asked Indra, lord of heaven, why he was served gold. Indra, then told him that all his life he donated gold but not food to his ancestors during Shradh .

3. However, Karna again got the chance to amend his mistake and was permitted to return to earth for 15 days. After returning, he again performed shradh rites and this time donated food and water in their memory .

4. It also helps attain salvation after death by liberating souls from the repetitive cycle of birth and death.

Here are the precautions to be taken while performing Shradh Puja:

1. You should only use cow milk products like curd or ghee for the puja and food preparations

2. The food must be offered in silver utensils. Silver is believed to resist the evil forces.

3. It is auspicious to use barley, Kaangani, peas and mustard in the puja.

4. Sesame is one of the essential items for the puja. It brings good luck and fortune to the family.

5. Kheer must be prepared and offered in the puja

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